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digitalis leaf. Without interrupting treatment, simply prescribe 0.1-0. 2

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antine of 139 head of goats in October, 1905, 35 head of goats in May,

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from the cul-de-sac. Bilateral prophylactic suj>erficial

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animals after being so dipped or treated shall be shipped In clean and disinfected cars

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boards, and shall be properly nailed or bolted to stanchions.

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ford County to the James River; thence following the James River to the southeastern

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City (1948). Associate Member — Jacob Kulowski, St. Joseph.

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i''l.iniaiii, I..: Ivli'inliirii, Krurliiiissr iIit Pliysiiil., 1!I(M, i.

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rabbits inoculated are liable to die from septicemia. Putrefactive

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delivered to the packing house all the hogs reared for sale.

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Federal inspection referred to was an inspection of the animal from which the meat

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No more than four head of cattle will be allowed In each pen, except at the ends of a

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they are inconspicuous, but occasionally extensive anatomical changes

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carcass for cattle, 1 cent a carcass for sheep and swine and other

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ination by the persons in charge of this work. The mlcroscopist in charge makes a writ-