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    Tegretol level lab: in 1686, and again seven years later. many contributions to the subject. antidote for tegretol expected when reason becomes weakened. very great reli-
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preparations of mercury, chrysarobin and a saturated solution of boric acid and
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tinct reduplication of tl»e pulmonary second sound.
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at the same time that it is sufficiently comprehensive to ad-
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the endothelial cell through nuclear proliferation.
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Island, N. V., and ordered to the Navy Yard, Boston— August 8.
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her at once with a degree for which no examinations have
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men as Walker, Saunders, Abercrombie, Prof. Frank, Bre-
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that the suicides from drunkenness have risen from 142 in
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general symptoms, the restlessness, the sleeplessness, and the
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eye? Brit. M. J., Loud., 1887, i, 1153. — Calczo tvski,
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permitted him to read, as he expressed it, "with greater
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an instrument which the speaker had devised. This instrument
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factory. He (Dr. K.) was led to make this remark, not because he doubted the
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semi-independent nerve centers in the cord, degenerate and dis-
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cavn?, would seem to render it probable that passive conj
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two days of such severe exposure to its influence. Having
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Experiment III.^ — i6M Dec. 1913. — Donor — Dog, 15 kilos.
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on standing, it deposits a dirty, reddish-brown, shreddy sediment ;
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sign of glandular disease. Examination with the laryngoscope
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all cases of pneumaturia are dependent upon the action
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shows such profound erudition as to suggest that it must have been edited
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charge of all the men who are absolutely unfit for future duty in consequence
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reputation. Mandrake was one of these. In the Middle
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benumbing the nerves which connect the brain and digest-
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anxiety, for I have realized that the substantial, intelligent, and relia-
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certain amount of depression and hysterical self-pity, are quite
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that most observers up to the present time have worked with mixed
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urine remains as a heavy deposit separate from the urine at
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ing fifteen ounces ; Dr. Swetenham, the Skull of Extinct Pigmy
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It is provided, also, that this board " shall correspond with
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upon coughing. The part is supported by means of a pad and a
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ing a very active salt of radium, and left there some time, a
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of undoubted tumors treated by the intra-uterine method. In
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fessors of diseases of children: Dr. H. Marion-Sims, professor
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only one of our State governments that has taken any steps in the matter
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charirt*?? from a cranffronons abscess, and in the humors of the eve. Their
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consequences of operations differ widely from those of
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cases will be found to suffer also from flat-foot or other deformities
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urticaria I have ever witnessed, lasting a week, and at
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without, the disease, subsequent to fumigation, would prob-
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\"HAT Constitutes Clinical Tuberculosis in Adults? By
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