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would procure abortion or not, he would be guilty; that is it
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Culex annulatus could not be induced to bite. The favorite
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no evidence of the result of the first operation. The
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Cask 6. — I was called to see T. P., aged 30, a conductor on
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33 Potaln's Simple and Accurate Method of the Percussion of
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common and he has repeatedly demonstrated this by experi-
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earlier gradual increase as altogether due to the higher
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dorsal 1st. 23d. Srd and 4th L. : dura adherent ; incised on right
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siderable discussion as to the manner in which they
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Albarran has divided the cases of renal calculi into
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A displacement of the uterus, or a center of infection
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a case of perforation of the right subclavian artery and vein,
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warm water to moisten the gauze, and continuing the
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1. Character of eruptions. The "shotty" feeling and involve-
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cians, and proscribed from consultation those whose
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one time there may be a rupture of the tubal sac, at
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. authors to be most frequent in children. This, if borne
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Since' leaving the hospital the patient's health has been ex-
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the myocardium, but .only temporary embarrassment. The
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In the various prosimials — earlier ancestors of mon-
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53 years old, and does not remember ever having been
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bling migraine, one entire side of the head being in-
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of cerebral apoplexy on the tenth day, the cause of death
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operation necessary and more difficult. In relatively young
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the lips is uneven, owing to cicatricial contraction, and
closed no significant lesion, although there were present
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digital exploration of the bladder, with a view to ureter-