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gery and Surgical and Pathological Anatomy. In 1835 he resigned
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serious haemorrhage, and with these lesions there is a risk
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IK' w,is Rradiiaifd in medicine <m the i^tii of March, 1S84,
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Occlusion of the apertures, suturing, incisions to relieve con-
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sir," came the prompt reply: "you would put into motion the
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ment of the muscles in the pathological process. The possibility of incipient
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remedies ; consulting which, one need not so greatly fear to be
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lege, New York, in 1870-71, having the ad suidum degree
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of head, extending over vertex to right side of head, and also
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Dr. W. K. Knowles has removed from Bangor, Me , to Everett, Mass. His
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ber, 1915. On the paternal side his family was of French Huguenot
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parent. If, therefore, we make allusions to this editorial in the