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    Periactine ca marche: iwootl.l i e.xtirpation of a fibroid tumor requiring the. cyproheptadine hydrochloride for infants but as to morals it would seem to be generally taken
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coincidence. This table is of such interest that it is here appended
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How can wc avoid it In answering these questions I will
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ter on disorders of the respiratory system being notably inter
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Etiology. Exposure to cold and wet especially when the
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to ascertain precisely what is meant by the word when it
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the infectious diseases sometimes as a result of exposure to cold or wet.
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sician at Wursburg has published a series of researches
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NOTE Course information in the following listing is sub
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Over indulgence in food and drink particularly if the food
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Pituitary function after treatment of intracranial tumors
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organic or combustible substances but a French surgeon recently prescribed
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J I here follow Thomas. The more exact observations measurements every
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professional services rendered during the term of the
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stomach by two physicians in New York city who had advised him
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its incipient state given rise to an alteration in the
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During the course of the first series of irradiations we may calculate
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found that undiluted normal serum was opsonic for this organism
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urine and urea as soon as the symptoms began to improve and the
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sicians. There is a peculiar disease accompanied by phren
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were also full of microbes which had had nearly four hours to penetrate
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In ten cases foreign bodies most often splinters of iron were