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concerned, or acetanilid, which is not the patent medicine, I have used

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bandaged on the back splint. At the end of twenty-four hours, the

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fluid having been rempved in that time. The patient appeared before the

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It is evident from these results that the organisms from all three

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3 It seems almost unnecessary to call attention to the fact that the subject

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Now, all these methods are concededly successful in

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would test his sincerity by doing what he proposed. Other

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narrow limits. Whereas an excess of proteids and carbohydrates is

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tertown, IST. Y. They found abundant evidence of the great life-saving

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natural standard. Sometimes it remains steady to that standard

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§ Correction. — Value for July should have read 952 in place of 592.

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toxin. When the required degree of antitoxic power is reached,

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(3) Extensive Vascular Xsevus ... ... ... ... ... 71

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ination of the structures of the brain, spinal cord and sympathetic, did not reveal any recof*

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you can enter the bladder without external urethrotomy that gradual

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by injury, excessive exercise, or infectious disease. Alcoholism, constipation,

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for minor acts of writing, but there must always be a risk of its " giving

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107 cases demanding the use of forceps, with a mor-

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read before the Philosophical Society, May 2d, 1822, afiirms that, whenever in examining the

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The Blood. — There is usually well-marked coagulation of the blood after death.

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career field for CME credit. Health professionals loan repayment pro-

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character, remarkably free from petty bias and prejudices which

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either proven or disproven by a surgical operation, we have been able

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good, the large majority of cases unassociated with bony disease

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the womb in position latterly, and the round ligaments in

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the sub-epidemic network, giving rise to red traces, the net-

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In syphilitic lepra and secondary syphilitic eruptions.

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ventilation secured, the fever miasm is not as easily gen-

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unconsciously? During such acts the face affords evidence of strong

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es, p. 747, 8vo., Lond., 1834. This latter physician

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(2.) That the red colour of the tissue is due to the escape of

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If we understand Dr. Dolley's plan, it is to publish an annual abstract

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