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free of epidemics. In the second period the disease seems to have been more
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singly, in pairs end to end, and frequently in chains consisting of four to six
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of psychoses. Among these there are many instances of patients having
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buccal mucous membrane. Bacilli introduced into the stomach may or
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A year previously he had suffered from rheumatic fever, as had also one of
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disinfected in 1 to 1,000 bichloride solution- Nurses should wear rubber
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some patients but should not replace the other foods. Cocoa may be
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impaired to pass the average examiner and get a policy.
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condition of the nervous system or due to the local effect on various organs.
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and sufficient to stain the lips and tongue. As the disease progresses the
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injections, but this seems to be the only animal, excepting the monkey, in
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the time of Sydenham. It is, however, remarkable that Rhazes makes no
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ian mucous membranes probably exist and serve as an infection atrium.
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Empyema is of considerable gravity. There may be pneumonia with
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The extractor is passed into the lumen of the tube, the lever on the handle
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excitement. In senile and asthenic patients, it is apt to be of the stuporous
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The kidneys in scarlet fever as a rule are affected to a greater or less extent.
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the process clears up and the amount of sputum diminishes, other organisms
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lished concerning the duration of life after the loss of limbs.
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of phagocytic cells and detritus, and similar to the nodules seen in diphtheria,
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the cases so investigated such causes of death as "Don't
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is consequently possible by means of selective absorption experiments to
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So far as our knowledge goes, it is highly probable, then,
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child. The explanation, however, is not easy unless it be associated with
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pyelonephrosis, and renal calculus. Furthermore, the renal
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crisis. Janeway found considerable daily variation, the pressure charts
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used by the troops were sold, contrary to regulations, and sent back to
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therefore in considering bacterial intoxications to distinguish between those
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character remembrance than John Locke — philosopher, phil-
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As confirmatory of this test Purdy further says — ' 'After
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confusion, flights of ideas, and symptoms of collapse. Delusions are usually
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albumin and ammonia. Acids, or common salt, added to
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usually parallel to that of the intestine, in some cases the opposite occurs,
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Convalescence is usually rapid but it is probably wise to keep the patient
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find the vibrio. Koch concluded that his comma-shaped bacteria were
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Chronic renal disease is not infrequently caused by scarlet fever, and the
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circumstances the cut surface of the lung is reddish-brown in color with a
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years previously is insufficient for any medical judgment.
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comatose. Frequently anuria appears, which is an unfavorable sign, as is
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the other hand these bacteria were completely lacking in 28 cadavers of
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frequency in the more severe and protracted cases of scarlet fever in which
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on their presence and more often in the severe cases with bronchitis and
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as in the lymph nodes and in the marrow, the formation of large basophilic
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Perforation of the gall bladder and intestine have occurred together.
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becomes apparent after the subsidence of the main symptoms of the primary
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perience of the observer, that the results obtained are due.