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it should not be forgotten, that in the present state

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the complete loss of reaction of the muscles during the attack of paralysis

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papillte becoming flattened and showing atrophic changes; as the process

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most ilitcrcstinu of the salts of the urine In the eliniciaii arc the urates.

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is rather uncommon, and only occurs probably when the mass invades

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the results were by no means so beneficial or satis-

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Miililnilv In iiir> w iiliT, il \ill 111' fiiiiiiil tiiiit wlii'i-i' till- wiili' iiiirti.iii

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I'.' rnun llic \illiiilis ri-i;iiinM nf tllf limlv. Wlicil H irlillnl lii'i-iiMli"» llHilT

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III' amiciilDvcntiii'ular node a spci-ial strand of lii^^ldy condiii'tiiiir tissno.

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onic remains, but they do not seem capable of taking up active development

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made to cases described as due to tumors pressing upon the cauda equina

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!', lilunili.l in II,, lissii,s Ih, Itisih;^ Ini ilisiiih i/nil i„,i ,,f lissii, mhins.

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mechanical stimulation was readily ruled out by showinu' that men'

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less lii'iiiiiLrliiliiii than niiriiia!. it is iiiiprratix i' to ciuisiilrr tin- aire. Tli'

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the puke becomes weak, and there is a feeling of great prostration following.

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I'liiiii till' \ clitrii-li's. 'I'lii'y thus tiiko up ;i liiiil-pnsiliipii ;iiii| \ilii;ili

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a useful purpose. When freshly and carefully prepared by the pharmacist,

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a novel form of latent infection, if I may so term it; or have to suppose that

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of achondroplasia which he examined when the child was four months old,

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looked upon as a part of the sympathetic system, this view became very

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early aflFected, and the muscles last and least. The hair of the scalp, the

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This aberration of growth, some claim, comes from an ossifying predisposi-

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Ertion is affected, while ureteritis consecutive to bladder inflammations is

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determine whether the infection is heematogenous, urogenous, by contiguity,

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inliM'tioii the ili-t'ensi\e sulislaiiees that are presi-iit in aninuil tluiils.

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"" ■■' I '■"" I'l' 'l.l,i„ 1. i|-,,,„l I

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Interestintr inforination in this connection has heen trained l)y ohser-

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synunetrical gangrene of the fingers and reddening with superficial gan-

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For this reason it is probably the most important symptom, as it calls atten-

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point oi' nrutrality tiir addi'd aliv.di will iici'd to nrulrali/c, not onl.x tin*

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remembered that when dealing with the same bacterium agglutination will

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The aruBmia of this form of nephritis is combated not only by the fresh

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tected in the microscope as to colour or shadow, either while

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It may be permissible to remind the examining physician of the fact that:

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catheter is of paramount importance, while in the case of women the thick-

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..'renter than it really is. and there has existed, and indeed may still