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are interesting examples of the occurrence of renal disease in several members

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pericardium, or costal surfaces, may from its close proximity cause irritation

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alcoholism or exposure to lead. In some instances there may be marked

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quently and less severely affected than the French, but that they were less

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one may without great difficulty prevent the introduction of the cholera germ.

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ience that, previous to 1894, every physician in the country who had to deal

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has once occurred, it may be employed as a prophylactic

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learned that this person had been suffering from a sharp

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seen in dyspeptic condition and an over-supply of food

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lactic acid for the cure of a case of diabetes, and produced six

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distended capillaries and "as a result of this the elasticity of the pulmonary

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type. It is doubtful if Hippocrates recognized the disease. Aetius, a Greek

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nosis than albuminuria." Senator, 1905, — " Peptonuria oc-

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haemoptysis which the applicant says he had three years

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strated that it concerns here the gray matter, the neurocytes. Numerous

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specific stain has been discovered. Slightly larger forms are found often

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injections is frequently followed by a reaction within half an

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paresis are so simple as to be easily applied by the life in-

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U. S. Army during the same period there was a mortality of 15.61 per cent.

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as the tuberculin reaction. The local reaction consists of hypersemia and

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junctiva are obscured by redness. At this point the eruption appears on the

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is so possible it is in itself an inducement for unscrupulous

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are produced by the destruction of cholera vibrios in the body through which

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ment in febrile cases, a t^'pical diazo reaction will not be obtained very often.

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of the veins and congestion without neuritis. In some cases there may be

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This is readily done by filtering a certain quantity and

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kidney is invaded by a malignant growth, which breaks down

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of so-called non-virulent diphtheria bacilli and of pseudodiphtheria bacilli

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rate as low as it has been from 189*6 to 1904, inclusive. The year 1895 is

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times that of a normal man on the same diet, and the K-Na co-efficient is still

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of floating kidney, in which movement, however easy, caused

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in the individuals of certain families. Let any one who has

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