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among persons unprotected by vaccination. It may be conmiuni-

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use of drugs, to show how far the clinical effects of remedies

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end of August that she began to complain of a dull aching pain in the

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universities. He had the first x-ray apparatus and established the first x-ray

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rigors commenced three weeks ago. For one week rigors have ceased, and there

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thickened, and partly cartilaginous ; the left portion

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adenin (C5H5N5). In addition to these, there are 5 other compounds

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tion. The prognosis is generally good, though in the acute variety (fromiRf

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quainted at an early date with the experiments instituted by these

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special cause of typhoid fever. Practitioners in malarial situations have

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practice into a general rule. On the contrary, he believes that

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thyroid treatment. She has since refused to take the thyroid extract,

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of the mucus or membrane is accompanied by a relief of symptoms

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procedure is made painless by the application of a ten per

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that this change produced, in addition, immediate and

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or, much more rarely, to the membranes of the brain. In feeble

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cause of inflammation, as related to the several exci-

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of lockjaw treated in Denmark with and without serum.