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showed a moderate amount of fat in the cortical zone. The epithelial cells

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read this paper. The first two cases occurred years

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the Medical Council, and to take such steps as they may fiad

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at C P.M. This was the sixth child deceased had borne,

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phor with a few drops of alcohol, and rubbing this in a porce-

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the slow respiration, the sudden falling of the animal on its side with a

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vomited blood; whether he swallowed it or not I do not know.

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(Northampton County), Lasker; Dr. A. F. Toole (Buncombe County), Asheville ;

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in causing such effects. More recently Dr Graily Hewitt has assigned the

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producing great injury to the head, after having previously attempted to cut

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area, the latter factor depending upon the time or times when the

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immunity to scarlet fever on the part of other members of their house-

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light on the arterial movements. Many points may therefore

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can be expanded,” he said. The hospital superintendent,

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numerous causes tending to impede the passage of air through the

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surgery was $857 higher. The mean uterine weight in

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peripheral manifestation of chronic liver disease, i.e.,

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within two or three months' time. In one case, a boy about

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aid in their efforts to prevent preventable disease. It has

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too much candour and honour, ever again to be attacked, with

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chloride to 1,000 c.e. of distilled water; the ingredients were then

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or pix dfoys, h f^^int lemon yellov>' r^'rowth ip 0u?erved.

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of from lialf an hour to an hour, until the pain is relieved ; or the same

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all the victims were men who had been in close attendance on their sick

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difficulty in breathing; and for twenty-four hours this

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four women. In these eases the maternal mortality is nil, but the fetal

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pain and suffering. Complaining of much pain and giddiness in the

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•Read before the 60th Annual Meeting of the State Medical Society of

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1. A. Morales et al. . New England Journal of Medi-

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Dislocation of the Patella Upwards . . 135 ( Homoeopathy 13S

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Should the further elucidation of this fact lead to the adoption of successful

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the needle with a double thread through the centre of the pile at its

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was the preparation of the patient to enable him to resist

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such a plea can be rarely conscientiously advanced; if dispensaries, not having an ap-

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prophylatic, it is a measure designed to encourage illegal sexual

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Syndactylism. — Dr. J. MoG. Woodbury presented a case