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The Local Authority for Scotland in certain burghs is
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laryngeal skeleton and eroding the cartilages the roughened structures are
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In conclusion I like to state that I am verj much in
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As the general debility makes constant progress however the patients
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which has been well pointed out by Dr Pidoux at p. of his
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not been assessed by systematic clinical studies. The physician should periodi
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cried out that something had bitten him but was apparently
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the average of platings from different rats that had been on this diet
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because they are more frequently due to the Eberth bacilli those
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the finger through its tube. Perforation of the peritoneal investment
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The therapeutic animal experiments were carried out avS follows
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of the weather rendered it necessary to repair to the kirk. The number
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ceptible to the action of the yeast and th human blood to that
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given as an injection into the lower bowel having been
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witb a report of four eases. Holmes B. tbree cases of byst
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lichen time is an important factor. The eruption of
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must bear in mind the possibiHty of a general pneumococcic sep
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too may in one situation or period be severe and in another
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folds like rhinoceros hide deep sulci between the folds permitting a
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no symptoms beyond the presence of sugar in the urine and this is
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for ten twelve or twenty years. In times gone by the suddenness of
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cision in a case which proved to be malignant disease in which
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diagnosis is easily enough made by the absence of heat
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Temperature Climate and Season. There are many facts to show
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of Kentucky recorded three successful cases the first of which
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strangulated inguinal hernia and an operation for the
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the action of this secretion was tested upon a variety of esters
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tically all the mcml ers of the faculty were reelected the
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take place in the beginning. The pulse is always soft compared
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dication of strabismus there might be nevertheless grave faults
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lesions in the spleen lymphatic glands or marrow of the bones and leading
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I think there are enough internecine problems between
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his professional books and communications being at least forty five
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the lungs and it was on this footing that Sydenham considered
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up with nitre or acetate of potassa in the water and ano
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liver or to the cava ascendens. Hence any obstruction in the liver or