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celebrated chemist, noticed that so soon as these vessels

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sure to treat the severest diseases homoeopathically. One

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I want to have a word to say because I think that Dr. Moore is

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public notice. In 1687 he was given the position of Court

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the substance of the lungs. No other organ of the body showed

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only injury an organism can receive from overfeeding

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treated as above. If possible, the animal should be fed on grass and should

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and, therefore, the presence or absence of typhoid fever among in-

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absolute connection of the cases he had brought forward with

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in health. He has treated twenty patients without a

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he was under the impression that Tuffier had reported

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tion may delay death, but cannot prevent it. Besides

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E. A. D'Arcey; La., Dr. T. C. Ward, (withencl.;) Miss., Dr. W.

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develop, their protoplasm increasing in volume; at the same time the macro-

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sole nonlactose fermenter, it has most commonly been

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tio” or SIR, by geographic area is a tool in cancer surv eil-

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leaving the upper part of the capsule floating freely on the blood-clot.

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changes may also occur in the kidney, and albuminuria result.

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Labor progressed naturally and nothing seemed the matter-

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D. O. Ives, Gen. Pass. & Tkt. Agt., St. Louis, Mo.

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dominal distention. This .increased in severity and soon

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To procure the adequate elimination of katabolic products

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infrequently occur at night when the j^atient is in bed. In other cases ex-

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much on account of this absurdity, as of the violent and unnatural treatment

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constantly operating to produce disease of the ovaries or of

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house our library, while at the same time the Association is provided with

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You are cordially invited to visit our booth, where

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not afford one. He also did not believe that the Denver and

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cases this amounts to a persisting palpitation. The pulse varies from 100 to

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we refer them to the comparatively simple matters which give to alcoholic

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sis by Professor Albertoni on the so-called ' Auto-intoxi-

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chiefly in those human beings who deal with hides and

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comparatively low figure. Especially after Listerism

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sanity and crime. Cleveland M. Gaz., 1891-5, x, 515-526.—

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