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    Colospa retard 200 mg in hindi: cough, with bloody expectoration and crepitant rhonchi in the lower. meteospasmyl indications posologie ciation. the patient gave me a history of an abortion
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out throHjrIi the mouth, Mr. Aiinandalo has done away with tho

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er's Lectures; Dr. Diaper's Introductory Lecture; the

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growing comatose. Dr. Thom injected ammonia into one of the

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modesty of the writer, the number of editions show it proved of

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were 22,897 deaths similarly recorded, with an aggregate of 672,540 years

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the destruction of the ulcer by caustic potassa, and when healthy

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From this culture a second guinea-pig was inoculated. An exactly

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ment ; the right heart maintaining the circulation of the lungs and


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tion of the head and the dyspeptic symptoms, while at the

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patient is nauseated by the foreign body. The patient is then told to take a deep

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The ordinary dose in chronic cases in adults is a dessertspoonful four

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of KG (about 3N). Cummings and Gilchrist 7 have shown that this contact

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one for its loss? — that he had given up his own home in fatherland,

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of danger was the muscular rigidity which seemed doubly significant

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abdomen, which was distended and tympanitic. Died the following day.

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name he had used, and yet it was a convenient term. One of his great

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when in convulsions shewed so much penetration, and answered

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ment ; the right heart maintaining the circulation of the lungs and

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These two cases so imperfectly outlined, will illus-

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toms of the disease are noticeable; the author, however, dis-

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Paroxysms differ in severity. A patient suffering from a severe parox-

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41. Cooke. — Cancer of the Larynx ; Case; Tracheotomy. Lancet, Sep-

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a gentle passage of the knife or finger will have any beneficial result; the removal

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resort to an ether examination if the symptoms persisted. He was seen again

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The limitations in the use of the term hyaline degeneration are but ill

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The second case is a man of sixty, was seen last Aug-

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Dr. J. Cornillon reports (" Rapports de Thcmeralopie et

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ginger 1 dr., Venice turpentine or palm oil to form a ball. —

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is more difficult. Collapse of pulmonary lobules is incidental to capillary

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are, from without inwards, the horny or stratum corneum, beneath

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