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of tissue. If a patient has been in labor for hours and one finds

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cumstance obtains especially in the examples of abundant or

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wards. Its symptoms are a wide, straddling gait behind, the

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symptoms of intestinal obstruction, such as vomiting,

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by the winds which frequently prevail.* At such times most

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needles ; it is with difficulty soluble in water, but readily

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monest were epigastric distress after meals, flatulence, anorexia,

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emotional excitement, or the action of any cause capable of increasing

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occurs in cases of double aortic disease. Moderator bands are some-

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nectant gyrus between the fissura Sylvii and the superior temporal

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apply the free hand to the anterior wall of the abdomen, you may by

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to be finally distributed to the operculum and neighbour-

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occur in some forms of malarial fever. This happens much more fre-

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quenti ex ecdem tumor e infar.s fpithamx longitudinc,

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lambaoid suture there appeared to be several small bony

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very suddenly, when not at all foreseen or anticipated, owing to spasm

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efficient member : "The labors of your committee during

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Goodell, as well as to my own former papers. I may say here

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vomiting ceases, the stools become less frequent, of greater consistency and

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complete immersion in them. But this training should,

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(4) Or in modern phraseology shows 'signs of tranquil fusion.*

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Grotox, Middlesex (1655), 18G2 — Spanieling, M. ; Smith, N. ; Stccre,

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the administrative and supply departments thereof, the medical serv-

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vermilion in colour. It is most economically prepared

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