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The subsequent lucid description of this unhappy condition, with

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ing the microfilariae have disappeared from the peri-

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which is .set down the practical limitatiom of tbe test,

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fracture of the skull in i860, but who retained perfect

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becomes purely arbitrary. Certain vesicles {sudamina) appear to be doe

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of the adrenal glands are such as to prevent the formulation of a satisfactory

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On October 18 she had a small intestinal hsemorrhage, not

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subserve nutrition of tissues so close to an aerating surface as to

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The Author's Treatment by Restoratives, directed to further the natural

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growths occur in the superficial layer of the corion (Virchow,

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the operative wound, and placed a silk ligature on the bleed-

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effect must be sustained by continued doses It should be more generally known that

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Although our views on the relationship of food to physical

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abundantly, in the 171 pages of this elaborate and well-digested article, for the

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ily be incorporated, and efficient and cleanly substitutes for

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tion is often so violent as to prevent sleep ; the patient can-

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23. ACaseof Secondary Thyroid Growth. A. William Sheen.

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In the Guy's Hospital Reports for 1858, page 123, Dr.

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last atom." But it is all too good to be true. McBride

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lasted until his death on the following day. The post mortem examina-

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entitled, “For Your Information”. A contribution was

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duly exaggerated or prolonged, the nature of the proxi-

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reddish appearance, which has been thought by some, to be

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well-controlled studies in pregnant women Because animal

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with a relapse, a tumour having formed in the cicatrix, and a large one under

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As to cases dying within twenty-four hours, he thought that was the

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Exudation into or on the surface of the valves, constituting the endo-

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recommend the employment not only of cold and of astringents to the

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made to distinguish between the various possible causes of

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on the Canal Zone was carefully studied in the laboratory of the

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tubercular and dies. When it is syphilis the inocula-

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even deep-seated abscesses often form rapidly, attain a large size, and are