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resort rather than as it now too frequently is the last resort. Bleed

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Hd. Considerable enlargement in size and weight. The cortical substance

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visiting it. It is stated that no outbreak had occurred since

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to instructing the men of the corps in their various duties. These

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with as much croton oil as I thought it would bear. This if

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which seemed to have been caused by a fatty degeneration of the walls

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the intravenous injection of the mixed cultures from the lower right second

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the conditions return nearly or quite to normal as soon as the patient

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The observations of Eobin and of His who have discovered a

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by different individuals. In the majority of cases there resulted diarrhoea

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show itself until late in life. The characteristic form of chest

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In the same manner the chordae tendinere may become thickened and

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was desired and the result of the enema was an abundant evacuation.

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An time passes and experience aids me in drawing conclnsions

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Progressive muscular atrophy usually runs a chronic course

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Symptoms. After a period of incubation of eight to ten

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therapeutic Institutes when this treatment is used indiscrimin

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traumatic hemorrhage into the cerebral substance or meninges and the re

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bladder ascites tumors etc. In doubtful cases laparotomy

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Occasionally a case crops up in which the information

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At last the field is crossed. The distance was short

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Chateau Lafitte Chambertin Chateau Yquem or Clos de Vou

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Wednesday th November. Dr Sanders President in the Chair.