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rhea for about six weeks, attended also with hemorrhage

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connected with the views of its Institution, I have

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should be classed as metria cases, the evidence of the mor-

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wide ; in the external portions they become more slender, but are

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a way for " unfair and unjust competition " with others,

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to the notice of the I^ew York Academy of Medicine and the

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Tlie fees for lectures and examinations, therefore, vary from

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committed during life. When we critically examine the observations

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HOMCBOPATHIG TREATMENT.-^Putoa^illa alone, will, in most

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direction of the surgeon as the patient is being prepared — sav !=; to 30 minutes before cutting is begun.

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being sure I am below the epiglottis the cricoid eminence or fold appears.

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and so preponderant as to induce agonies of hunger and

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205, 63) says that cause of death in intestinal obstruction is still a

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stored her to health that she was able to go to Europe

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Tentative d'assassinat commise pendant une p^riode epi-

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And in the immense majority of cases the stupor caused by uraemia

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many cases of brilliant recovery after gunshot wounds

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and I would not have been able to report thirty-nine women saved

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complications at this age are sufficiently frequent to ^i^arrant us in

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rhexis nodosa occurring in the hair of women of that city that seems

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almost complete for a year and quite marked for eighteen months.

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the removal of a certain amount of cerebrospinal fluid. Finally, it

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three drachms of common salt and one drachm cf alco-

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not infrequently encountered, which are possibly of prostatic origin.

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paralysis. That fact, too, had been recently brought forward as a

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months after infection, was seized with headache and torpor ; a little later convul-

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lound in the lymph glands, even when these glands are but

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being liable to various dangerous diseases, they are sometimes

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He has no evidences whatever of peripheral neuritis, which would

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however, we do not all agree that " every sane person watches Avith

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rheumatism in which the heart Avas affected. And then a great

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for ulcerations which would have readily disappeared under the

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brief abstract of his method. Place the patient upon her back, limbs

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6. Typhoid MorUlity in 24 American Cities, 18S9-189S. F.

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is increased tonus along with the spastic paraplegia. The type of the case,

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ative treatment in this class of surgical affections. These are the pri-

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