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the herbalist, who may think himself very fortunate if he does
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as should the parasite be thereby induced to quit its hold, it
pathologist, and I will content myself with two remarks only
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was a necessary evil which must exist. She supplied a
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He successfully pressed for a Select Committee of the
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from November 21st to January 3rd. nainely, forty-two d.iys, by simply
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CLINICAL Society of London, 8.30 p.m.— Mr. Makins: A Note on the
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proposals swept aside will, at this juncture, be extremely
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Peptonuria ordinarily ocnurs in suppurative diseases
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is in a sense always with us — that it is an intensified form of
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fevers, any medical man will be able to tell " able editors "
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The general conclusion was that the opinion expressed by
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Preston, and Bnlton >fea>iles caused the highest proportional fatality
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dema often led up to insanity. Considering tlie remarkable
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be advantageous if the Branch had meetings for the discus-
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recommendation of the Medical Charities Committee as to a
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expected that the conference would be opened at Dresden on
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end, and is about to appoint a housesuraeon in charge of it.
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to vaccinate with lymph that has not been contaminated hy