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ings , Hoarfenefs , difficulty of breathing , fhortnefs

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Hills in Lombardy ■, and in feveral places of our own


again every dear, from this Root, it uj. filly Springs

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and to heal them, more efpecially if a little Honey

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a pale reddiih color, after which follows fmall black

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ir repreffes Vapors, and effectually cures Fits of the

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appropriate treatment varies greatly, depending largely upon

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nefs of Breath and Difficulty ofBreathing. It abates

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and Ei Hus ante P at rent, Tne Son before the Father,

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extream : It is pale and yellow , and fpreads it felf

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like to the Flowers of Sticchwort, but leffer. Which

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rest in a recumbent position and the application of heat and

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of a reddifh purple, and its falling Leaves of a whi-

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fmooth ( not hairy ) Stalk , about two feet high , Jet

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is either of a dark Violet purple color, the middle

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humerus, close to the surgical neck Fig. 5 ; while from the diseased

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If the same m.inute, analytical scrutiny as applied to the sterile

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of a Jhinning yellowijh, or yellowijh red Golden color,

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both hands over his chest. Then again he will, aiding with his right

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low the elbow joint, in such a manner as to preserve its attach-

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ber . , and the Frofts coming foon alter, caufes it lud-

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them into a Veflel full of water, ftirring or beat-

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the Ground pretty largely , whereby it yields divers

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The foolifh Cowflips. 10. Paralyfis hortcnfis flore

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Gardens, but alfo in Pots, to furnilh and adorn their

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ing daily drunk, befides being a Pedoral, it is laid

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vomiting, constipation and failure to pass flatus. If these are not

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from the whole Plant , being green , or from the Seed,

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der their Hands, (for all their fpecious Methods ol

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flovoer, and conftant, being of a fair Red, thick pou-

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right heart. Our main object is to keep this strong and relieve