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A series of Illustrated Manuals on Artistic and Popular Fancy Work of various

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purulent softening. The fragments which protrude out into the blood

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Treatment. — The diffuse variety of pulmonary apoplexy is not amenable

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3 Cobbold states that hydatid cysts in the heart are commonly multiple.

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opposite condition is desired — from five to ten per cent, of the vapor of

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or four times during the twenty-four hours. A solution of carbolic acid

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Auscultation. — Tricuspid stenosis should be attended by a presystolic

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pose as an article of diet. It may be given ice-cold, if desired, and in such

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on the cheek and gums, and an abnormal quantity of saliva, mixed with a

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tions of the tissues, thus causing death and destruction. This pus is

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some cases the diarrhoea alternates with constipation, or constipation may

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School of Osteopathy. Credit is given the various standard

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Edema of the Scrotum occurs in conditions of ascites or general

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rise to violent pulsations near the heart and simulate extensive cardiac hv-

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paroxysmal; but the urinary symptoms and an examination of the urine

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the cause of diphtheritic paralysis, and after degenerative processes have

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to secure a good blood supply to the site of the fracture. If this fails,

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any direction. When a large bronchus is compressed, the respiratory mur-

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pain during the first twenty-four hours of the disease, and pressure up

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bacilli. The wound in which infection takes place may be small or

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Mercury, in the form of blue pill, is more efficacious in affording tem-

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mentioned. Galvano-puncture has been employed by Ciniselli in twenty-

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emissions. There is more or less pus in the urine or there may be some

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becomes warmed, and its application and removal continued until the de-

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across, with a small opening in the centre, like a diaphragm ; looked at

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chronic pulmonary affections than in bronchitis, but it is never so labored.

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atrophy. The urine in cirrhosis is higli colored and contains albumen, bile

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radioscopic mirror will assist in locating the foreign body. Where it is