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the pia mater ; a large increase of serum, clear or turbid, and mixed with flocculi

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vegetations at once. He remembered one remarkable case, in

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the cells are filled by albuminous and fatty molecules, and are increased in size.

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before one of the patient's eyes, we can enable him to distinguish very easily

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The discrimination from ordinary acute bronchitis with collapsed lobules

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cellent remedy (which is regularly removed from the

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pling, with granules that vary in size from fine points to others as large as

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Thus, while cholin in itself is not very toxic. Hunt has shown that

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influenza, to typhoid fever, or to meningitis. After an indefinite phase, the late appear-

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over attention to his books and his neglect of exercise

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slightly to left; mass about as large as a mandarin orange in region of left ovary;

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about S^/^00, for his " Contribuziono alia Fisiologia Patolo-

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sac. A year or more later she became pregnant. He drew at-

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relation Dr Patrick Blaikie, and got his surgeon's diploma in Edin-

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nomena are excessive weakness and fatigue, which disappear

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active fat, heat, and strength-producing agents. Butter, cream,

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The treatment must of course, have reference to the causative conditions

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found but claviform swellings are usually absent ; mycelial threads

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thickness of ordinary filter paper, were subjected, as above described, to eij^ht

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fall into utter disgrace, and the doctor be forever compelled to measure

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causes, to bring good out of evil, and order out of

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1. We believe that there is a real need for a medical journal

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pursued by the vaccinating corps of the Health Department,

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As the years advance with more and more rapidity, we find

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tion and identification of Streptococcus hcemolyticus adopted by tlie

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found at the knee of the sinus about Vi in. in diameter.

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tions, and then to describe the myelitis seated in the cervical and lumbar

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Henderson and myself. When we entered his room, which

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grateful to the patient. Cauterization, in the experience

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prove it. (Briand, 'Man. Complet de MeU Leg.,' 1846, p. 173.) There may

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tubercle bacilli in flasks, containing peptonized bouillon

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